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Public-Private Partnership Development in Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area and Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle: Technical Assistance Completion Report

sector: Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Development, Education, Energy, Finance, Industry and Trade, Public Sector Management, Transport | country: Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Thailand | region: Regional

The scope of the TA (technical assistance) was overly ambitious and the difficulty in identifying viable PPP (public-private partnership) projects with a subregional dimension was underestimated. Due to inadequate reconnaissance and analysis of the scope and demand for PPPs at the regional level prior to preparation of the TA, there was a lack of viable regional PPP projects for pre-feasibility studies. Similarly, the establishment of a subregional PDF was not grounded in any assessment of the nature or function of such a facility, or its underlying need. The major lesson is that viable PPP projects are in short supply, and a TA to prepare feasibility studies for undefined projects was premature. The lack of viable regional projects meant that the demand for the PDF (project development facility) was also overestimated. Thus, another lesson is to ensure that there is adequate demand and need for a subregional PDF facility before preparing a TA to establish a PDF. Despite these shortcomings, the changes in scope enabled the TA to support the preparation of GCAPs (Green City Action Plans) and to identify potential urban PPP projects under the IMT-GT (Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle) GCI (Green Cities Initiative).

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