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Regional Customs Modernization and Infrastructure Development Project

sector: Industry and Trade | country: Tajikistan

The project scope proposed at appraisal (in this case with respect to border-post infrastructure) needs to be more carefully assessed, and cost estimates need to more closely reflect the real costs of project expenditures. As regards infrastructure, costs and project schedules should reflect the difficulty of access to project areas and the relatively short construction season in some project areas.

Where a major project component (such as the unified automated information system or UAIS) is dependent on the performance of consultants (in this case with respect to UAIS procurement) and where the executing agency does not have the capacity to monitor consultants’ progress, ADB should take greater responsibility for monitoring progress at an early stage to avoid problems that may later cause implementation delays.

There is need for standard bidding documents allowing for the procurement of a single responsibility IT contract, including both software and hardware components.

A project steering committee may not be necessary where the executing agency is able to coordinate directly with other government agencies to facilitate project implementation.

Low levels of remuneration for project management staff can lead to high staff turnover with potentially negative consequences for project implementation.

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