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Republic of Tajikistan: Road Rehabilitation Project

sector: Transport | country: Tajikistan

This validator concurs with lessons identified by the project completion report (PCR):

(a) This was the first project of its type in Tajikistan. The executing agency was not familiar with ADB procedures and policies. When projects are new to a sector, ADB should exert extra effort to ensure that the startup and implementation will be carried out smoothly.

(b) Frequent changes of ADB project officers negatively affect project performance, and efforts should be made by ADB to minimize such changes.

(c) Delay in implementation from the time of project identification and appraisal often results in significant changes at the start of construction and during implementation. Means should be sought to minimize the impact of changes in design and civil works contracts.

This validation exercise also identified additional lessons for consideration in future ADB operations:

(a) To have a good road for 250 km, arrangements for parallel or cofinancing should have been explored at the start. In the absence of other financing source, this could have been part of a rolling program to ensure the entire road length was brought to a sustainable and trafficable standard. Without doing this, a piecemeal intervention provides no assurance that the situation could improve significantly in the longer term.

(b) Where appropriate, candidate project roads (in this case feeder roads) should be identified at the time of appraisal to strengthen the accuracy of budget estimation.

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