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Republic of the Maldives: Validation of the Country Strategy and Program Completion Report

| country: Maldives

1. A strong central project management unit in the executing agency equipped with adequate technical staff would help to improve project implementation.

2. ADB needs to better assess institutional capacity weaknesses, strengthen human resource management systems, and build capacity in selected government agencies. Considering the limited annual technical assistance (TA) budget, a more flexible modality (such as a TA loan) needs to be contemplated. ADB assistance to capacity development needs to be conditional on Government appointing qualified staff in the institutions supported by ADB TA.

3. A more integrated approach, with common themes across projects and sectors, should be explored to develop synergies within ADB’s operations in the Maldives.

4. ADB should carefully assess the operational benefits and costs related to maintaining a local office in the Maldives.

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