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Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project

sector: Water and Other Urban Infrastructure and Services | country: Philippines

The combined activities of constructing a building, supplying equipment, and training technical staff are insufficient to establish an operational water quality laboratory. More assistance is required, such as (i) providing the laboratories with water supply and electricity; (ii) training the medical technicians to operate the supplied equipment, which may be different from the equipment used during formal training; (iii) training new technical staff to replace departing staff; (iv) establishing rates for the services offered; and (v) formulating a business plan.

The organizational structure should be in place before implementation starts. In the case of new management structures, it should be anticipated that this will take time, and adequate resources should be allocated. A functional monitoring system should be established to manage large numbers of subprojects effectively.

The project proved to be very ambitious. It required cooperation among at least three government agencies at three levels and communities in 20 different provinces. Implementation required strong management skills and capacity from the executing agency (EA), implementing agencies (IAs), and local government units (LGUs).

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