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Samoa: Education Sector Project

| country: Samoa

The project completion report (PCR) identified the following lessons: (a) the feasibility of large community contributions to a project should be analyzed at greater length; (b) the timing and phasing of technical assistance (TA) inputs in relation to a loan project are critical in situations with low capacity – at times the TA should precede the start of the loan project; (c) it is unrealistic to set ambitious targets for enrollment caps in schools that offer the best education without allowing enough time for other schools to provide education of similar quality; (d) the establishment and effective use of new specialist facilities and equipment in schools requires significant school-based training and support; (e) extended delays during implementation may suggest weaknesses in project design and require determined action; and (f) well-designed community-based social marketing is useful in influencing public opinion in support of education and bringing about behavioral changes across communities.

The Validator concurs with the foregoing lessons.

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