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Second Lower Secondary Education Development Project

sector: Education | country: Viet Nam, Socialist Republic of

1. The recruitment of consultants by executing agencies remains time-consuming. This problem is not specific to the project, but common in all ADB-financed projects in Viet Nam. Delays in consultant recruitment result in delays in implementing the entire project. In the future, advance actions and project readiness filters should be applied to minimize start-up delays.

2. The procurement capacity of the executing and implementing agencies, as well as the context of the project, needs to be considered when determining procurement methods. Their procurement capacity needs to be developed in order for them to implement procurement methods and accurately follow procedures and guidelines. Tracking of project implementation becomes difficult if procurement documentation does not follow requirements.

3. The design of capacity building activities needs to be better structured with a model defining how knowledge and skills will be transferred and including pre- and post-training assessments to measure impact. Without a structure, capacity building activities are reduced to the number of persons trained.

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