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South Java Flood Control Sector Project

sector: Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Development | country: Indonesia

Smooth implementation of a flood management project using the sectoral approach requires close coordination among the executing agencies (EAs), a clear organizational environment that unequivocally defines the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved, and an effective flow of information from and to all concerned parties. This lesson should be retained by the new multitranche financing facility approach proposed for the next flood management project in Indonesia, scheduled to start in 2008.

An integrated development project with multiple technical agencies needs a full- time project management unit (PMU) chairman to efficiently and effectively address implementation problems, communicate, and facilitate decision-making across components and with consultants, provinces, and districts.

Carefully planned logistics and personnel arrangements for the PMU as well as an adequate number of PMU personnel are necessary to ease and rationalize project supervision and coordination tasks.

Using the participatory approach, it is important that the process of community consultation be initiated before undertaking the actual design of flood control infrastructure to avoid endless design revisions resulting from inevitable beneficiaries’ objections, which are mainly related to land acquisition. This would also allow evaluating from the beginning beneficiaries’ perceptions of the Project as a whole as well as their preparedness in principle to give up part of their land in return for the expected benefits.

Community participation in operation and maintenance (O&M) activities is a cost-effective strategy in view of the limited budget of the central Government and local government units.

The use of obsolete and inaccurate spatial data and land use maps hampers the identification of potentially affected people in resettlement planning and causes mistakes in flood control design.

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