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Southeast Asia Regional Energy Efficiency Sector: Technical Assistance Completion Report

sector: Energy | country: Cambodia Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Thailand Viet Nam, Socialist Republic of | region: Regional

National energy-savings targets have been identified by countries across Asia, but concrete action to meet these targets is still in the initial phase. Despite the increased level of interest, actions taken by policymakers, available market opportunity, and actual implementation EE (energy efficiency) projects remain deficient. While the TA’s (technical assistance) awareness campaign has been effective in highlighting the significance of EE projects, there needs to be continuous effort, on the regional and national levels, in accelerating EE investments to help meet EE targets.

During stakeholder consultations, access to financing was identified as one of the primary barriers to EE investments. To address this issue, programs tailored for financing institutions should be available to build their capacity in structuring and monitoring EE loans, understanding the technical nature and economics of EE projects, and marketing EE financial services to develop their EE project pipeline.

With respect to the implementation delay due to political activities in Bangkok, it could not have been anticipated as the locale was relatively stable during the initial TA design. The workshops could not have been relocated without significantly impacting the success of outreach in the prioritized Thai market. ADB appreciated the consultants’ flexibility to regroup and rearrange to make sure the target audiences were reached once circumstances returned to normal.

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