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Sri Lanka: North East Coastal Community Development Project

sector: Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Development | country: Sri Lanka

This validation agrees with the lessons enumerated in the project completion report (PCR). The project experience reaffirms the benefits of a participatory and gender-balanced approach to livelihood improvement and resource management. Other lessons identified were generally useful to reinforce the existing knowledge, such as (i) strengthening the capacities of participating public agencies and nongovernment organizations (NGOs) weakened by conflict and natural calamities must precede implementation of core project activities to help ensure project success; (ii) micro-credit needs to be undertaken through established microcredit intermediaries where administration cost is lower and default rates could be reduced because of the specialized expertise of intermediaries; and (iii) confronted with many uncertainties during the life of the project, process- or activity-based monitoring – as opposed to more rigid formal monitoring systems – enabled the project to better adapt to changing situations on the ground.

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