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Sri Lanka: Secondary Education Modernization Project

sector: Education | country: Sri Lanka

The project completion report (PCR)noted the following lessons.

(a) Well-managed schools implemented project activities more effectively and efficiently. This shows the importance of champions for the success of any new initiative.

(b) Any project that attempts to bring about substantial systemic changes needs to be realistic about the goals and feasible time frame of these changes.

(c) To bring about and sustain changes, government ownership is crucial.

(d) Success occurs with the timely provision of resources to support government priorities,
which had been correctly identified and prioritized.

(e) The potential of project activities cannot be maximized without effective monitoring and the
commitment of officials trained in monitoring and evaluation.

(f) The first computer procurement experience indicates that bidding documents should
always clearly specify instructions and requirements.

The Validator agrees with the PCR’s lessons identified above, which should be taken into account in the design and implementation of future education projects.

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