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Sri Lanka: Technical Education Development Project

sector: Education | country: Sri Lanka

The project completion repoert (PCR) derived seven lessons from the project. Two of these were related to teachers’ competencies and their capacity to evaluate student performance, and the importance of having competent, full-time teachers to provide theoretical and practical instruction to students. Civil works, procurement of teaching equipment, and development of new programs and supporting instructional materials are of little use if teachers were not effectively recruited and appointed.

Two other lessons were on the inadequacy of time to implement the project. The remaining three lessons were as follows: (i) the effectiveness of short-term study tours and training relies on the relevance of the topics to the conditions in Sri Lanka, (ii) social marketing and career guidance efforts are only as effective as the reliability and quality of the technical education and vocational training (TEVT) programs being taught, and (iii) addressing gender concerns in the overall mandate or in the TEVT sector should be considered a priority by the ministry to ensure effective implementation. This validation considers student demand for TVET and coordination among ministries in ensuring improvements in the TVET system crucial to achieve positive results and should be included as lessons derived from this project.

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