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Supporting Water Operators’ Partnerships: Technical Assistance Completion Report

sector: Water and Other Urban Infrastructure and Services | country: Indonesia

(i) Twinning partnership enable the recipient to adopt the knowledge and experience from the mentor to improve their performance in NRW (nonrevenue water) management, energy efficiency, wastewater and septage management.

(ii) Twinning partnerships provide an effective and valuable tool to develop the operational and financial performance of water operators and to enable them to better plan for their sustainable development.

(iii) More support is required to develop the capacity of wastewater utilities and assist them towards financial sustainability, but such support needs to be specifically targeted and monitored closely.

(iv) CIB (continuous improvement and benchmarking) initiatives need to be more carefully planned and applied based on the capacity of the water operator.

(v) Training is in high demand by wastewater/water operators, particularly in planning, operations, and maintenance
where inadequacies result in the greatest inefficiencies.

(vi) Expert operators can provide access to knowledge and experience that is not available from consultants.

(vii) Post-twinning initiatives and access to financing for scaling-up and replication of successful activities are needed.

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