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Surkhandarya Water Supply and Sanitation Project: Project Completion Report

sector: Water and Other Urban Infrastructure and Services | country: Uzbekistan

The project should take fully into account the condition of the power supply, which is critical for water supply services in the country. The availability of water supply relies exclusively on an uninterrupted power supply.

Initial implementation delays were mainly attributed to delays in: (i) government approval of subproject feasibility studies, and (ii) the engagement of consultants, suppliers, and contractors. These delays could be minimized if government approval procedures involving various ministries are streamlined and approval authority, at least for smaller contracts, is further delegated to the executing agency.

The project should not engage individual national consultants for construction supervision if there are many project sites due to limited capacity, unless mitigation measure are adopted. Significant inflation affected contracts. However, the contract amount was not adjusted due to the absence of price adjustment provisions in the contract documents, even in cases where the contract period was extended beyond 18 months. Price adjustments should be considered for contracts of less than 18 months when high inflation is likely to occur.

The salaries of project management unit (PMU) and project implementation unit (PIU) staff should be comparable with prevailing market rates to prevent high turnover.

The capacity of national civil work contractors in technology and workmanship needs to be developed to ensure that the quality of civil works is on par with international standards. An environmental monitoring group (EMG) should be established in a timely manner with realistic mandates for monitoring environmental impact throughout project implementation, so that it can fulfill its responsibilities, including information sharing and coordination with the local authorities.

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