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Sustainable Capacity Building for Decentralization Project

sector: Public Sector Management | country: Indonesia

The project produced major insights into capacity building for regional government interventions, to be considered in the design of future projects: (i) securing the commitment, ownership, and understanding of the project’s stakeholders at central, provincial, and district or city levels is key to ensuring smooth implementation and to meeting sustainability and institutionalization objectives; (ii) the introduction of information and communications technology (ICT) in regional government management has helped modernize business processes and made regional government more transparent and accountable; (iii) the project produced a number of best practices to be replicated in other regions; (iv) a project with complex design and implementation arrangements at an early stage of decentralization reform is risky and may lead to delays because of the lack of experience and capacity of the newly autonomous regions and central governments in setting up the implementation arrangements; and (v)high-end technology products with over-specified features would not be recommended for regional governments because the operation and maintenance (O&M) expenses would be unaffordable and sustainability would not be secured.

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