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Tajikistan: Irrigation Rehabilitation Project

sector: Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Development | country: Tajikistan

The project completion report (PCR) identified five lessons: (i) partial rehabilitation of irrigation systems is less effective than complete rehabilitation; (ii) infrastructure rehabilitation projects dispersed over a broad geographic area are harder to implement and have higher administrative burdens and management costs than more regionally concentrated projects; (iii) there is a high project administration burden associated with a large number of civil works and equipment contracts; (iv) improving on-farm agricultural productivity is important for project efficiency and sustainability; and (v) the Ministry of Water Resources and Land Reclamation (MWRLR) did not have the expertise to deliver the output of improved agricultural technologies.

The validation agrees with these important lessons. Moreover, given the implementation shortfalls of this project, it also puts forward another lesson – regular monitoring, reappraisal, and redesign are often critical for project success and need to be built meaningfully into ADB’s project management processes. This project would have been considerably more successful if ADB had monitored and supported it more intensely.

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