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Tajikistan: Power Rehabilitation Project

sector: Energy | country: Tajikistan

For lessons to be useful during project implementation, they need to be taken into account during the formulation and design stage. Listing lessons learned in the report and recommendation of the President is not enough. For example, the implementation of the Power Rehabilitation Project in Tajikistan would have benefited if at least some of the past lessons were taken into account during its formulation and design. Many of the implementation problems arose because of the executing agency’s (Barki Tajik) unfamiliarity with ADB’s procurement procedures, and the appraisal mission was well aware that such unfamiliarity has delayed the start of many projects in Central Asia. These problems would have been avoided had this been taken into account in the project’s design and the executing agency provided the necessary familiarization training on ADB procurement procedures. [Main text, pages 4, 8]

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