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Tajikistan: Regional Customs Modernization and Infrastructure Development Project

sector: Industry and Trade | country: Tajikistan

The major lessons from the project presented by the project completion report (PCR) are suitable. Costs of project expenditures should have been more carefully assessed at appraisal and timelines for infrastructure should have taken into account the short construction season in some project areas. Where a major project component is heavily dependent on consultants, such as the development of a unified automated information system (UAIS), and where the executing agency has weak institutional capacity, ADB should take greater responsibility in monitoring at the early stages of implementation to avoid problems that could cause delays. ADB should ensure that the executing agency become familiar with bidding and procurement procedures. The PCR stated that in cases where the executing agency is able to coordinate directly with other agencies to facilitate project implementation, a project steering committee (PSC) may not be necessary. This validation is of the view that this may be considered where there is capacity to coordinate directly and where the executing and implementing agencies are the same, such as in this project. Lastly, competitive remuneration should be offered to project management office (PMO) staff to avoid high staff turnover.

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