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Third Livestock Development Project

sector: Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Development | country: Nepal

Continuation of project staff (particularly the project manager and other key staff) has contributed significantly to successful project implementation. It has also ensured continued feedback about field experiences to policy level, and served as a basis for better project design.

The private sector has been effective in delivering extension services to farmers where there is good accessibility and capacity to pay for services. Thus, increased involvement of private sector is needed to meet the demand for services.

Baseline project area data should be collected before project implementation to facilitate periodic monitoring and impact evaluation. A monitoring system should be established before the project begins, and staff should be trained and assigned to implement the system with clear terms of reference.

Involvement of local stakeholders – to identify needs and deliver services to poor and disadvantaged people and women – was critical to achieving project objectives. Greater involvement of stakeholders at different levels is necessary during project design. Local knowledge should be utilized, people’s needs should be analyzed, and their participation should be ensured in implementation and monitoring. Strategies and modalities for project implementation should be adjusted according to changing situations.

The inclusion of districts for project implementation should be planned properly. More programs for relatively longer periods should be targeted at poorer districts. The impact will suffer if the project is implemented in a district for a very short period of time.

When recruiting consultants, careful consideration should be given to the background, suitability, and timing for individual consultants’ inputs. Consultant input should be properly interrelated and coordinated (with each other as well as counterparts) to maximize collaborative efforts and allow effective transfer of knowledge.

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