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Umiray-Angat Transbasin Project

sector: Water and Other Urban Infrastructure and Services | country: Philippines

In cases where several, independent projects are implemented and serve a similar purpose, it is advisable to have one senior person responsible for program management, critical path monitoring, and risk management. Supervising the interrelationship of various components can facilitate decision making, especially limiting the damage caused by delays. Outsourcing of project management should be considered if there is a risk that the size or complexity of interrelated projects could exceed the capacity of the executing agency.

Nonrevenue water (NRW) reduction is a more complex and difficult task than it initially appears. Projections of NRW reduction need to be conservatively estimated at appraisal to avoid overestimating project benefits. A project approach alone is not sufficient to reduce NRW. The utility must take responsibility for NRW reduction in terms of a routine operational activity. Experience shows that covenanting NRW reduction should be done with caution, as drivers for NRW are often difficult to get under control.

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