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Urban Water Supply and Environmental Improvement in Madhya Pradesh Project: Project Completion Report

sector: Water and Other Urban Infrastructure and Services | country: India

Fully staffed roject implementation units (PIUs) and involving municipal engineers in project design and implementation supports local knowledge and creates ownership and commitment.

Financial covenants should be realistic. Fully involving state and municipal authorities and elected representatives in the preparation, implementation, and monitoring of financial improvement action plans (FIAPs) along with intensive public awareness campaigns may help achieve full implementation of the FIAPs.

Advance actions for procurement and clearances help support timely completion. In addition, the procurement of satellite images and scaled maps and surveys before creating detailed designs can lead to more efficient outcomes, and help avoid design changes and delays.

That small investments can have large impacts can be seen in the rehabilitation of old water treatment plants in Bhopal, Jabalpur, and Gwalior, and in the Area Improvement Facilities (AIF) and Community Initiatives Fund (CIF) components.

A cutoff date should be decided for the selection, design, and procurement of project components to allow enough time for the proper implementation of these components.

The size of contract packages should be optimized based on market conditions to attract contractors. Incentives for quality and timely delivery may foster better contractor performance.

A water balance audit as a mandatory part of nonrevenue water projects would lead to proper design. An integrated supervisory control and data acquisition system for the water supply would support smooth operation.

Household service connections for urban water and sewerage should be part of the project scope to ensure the optimum utilization of outputs and timely delivery of benefits.

Innovative practices such as e-tendering, the use of trenchless pipe-laying technologies, and the simplified certification of contractors’ invoices aid timely project execution.

For robust safeguards compliance monitoring, formats with specific monitoring parameters should be included in contracts. Information, education, and communication campaigns are required throughout project implementation, to address people’s concerns expediently.

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