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Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project

sector: Water and Other Urban Infrastructure and Services | country: Azerbaijan

Understanding the sector environment in new member countries is important. When engaging in a new sector or country, understanding the key sector participants and their agendas, as well as developments in the sector is important. This will improve the project design and increase the likelihood that the project will have strong government support.

Use phased reform programs. Radical reform programs, especially if they carry political risks, are likely to result in government resistance, unless the government strongly supports the concept. A phased long-term reform program is more likely to gain government support, especially if each stage is aligned with government objectives.

Use conservative cost estimates and ensure sufficient funding. The funding allocation should be sufficient to cover project costs; if it is not, the project scope should be reduced or the funding allocation increased with no delay during implementation.

Ensure the government understands the proposed project. Ensure that government agencies fully review and understand proposed projects. Reconfirmation with all relevant agencies is critical.

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