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Urban Water Supply Project

sector: Water and Other Urban Infrastructure and Services | country: Uzbekistan

Initial implementation delays can be reduced by completing more works during project preparation such as (a) preparation of request for proposal for consulting services, (b) approval of feasibility studies by the government, (c) preparation of tender documents for the first contract package; and (d) advance actions for the procurement of consulting services or construction contracts.

More capacity building needs to be provided to the staff of project management units (PMUs) and project implementaiton units (PIUs), particularly during early stages of implementation.

Consultants should be fielded early in project implementation.

Specifications for operation and maintenance (O&M) equipment should be prepared in consultation with the relevant agencies.

Local government counterpart funding should not be included in future projects because such funds were invariably delayed which resulted in implementation delays.

Market-level compensation is necessary to attract and retain competent staff at PMU, PIUs, and vodokanals.

For the sake of efficiency of resources, similar works should be packaged into bigger contracts suitable for international competitive bidding and more efforts is needed during the prequalification and bid evaluation stages to ensure that the selected contractors are fully familiar with the country norms and practices.

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