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Viet Nam: Central Region Transport Networks Improvement Sector Project

sector: Transport | country: Viet Nam, Socialist Republic of

The project completion report (PCR) identified two lessons. The first discussed the issue of phasing subprojects and using different consultants for design and other preparatory work. It also discussed the issue of implementation delay as a result of using different consultants and preference for one consultant to prepare all of the subprojects. The second lesson was the delegation of authority to provinces for implementing subprojects, which increased ownership and led to a reduction in delays. This validation concurs with these lessons.

The PCR could have also raised the issue of the RoSy Pavement Management System, which was provided but not used by all provincial departments of transport (others used the World Bank’s Viet Nam Provincial Roads Maintenance Management System software). ADB needs to ensure that resources it offers are indeed needed by the implementing agencies. Other than these, this validation has no other lessons to offer.

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