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Viet Nam: Health Care in the Central Highlands Project

sector: Health | country: Viet Nam, Socialist Republic of

The project completion report (PCR) derived five major lessons from the project. First, complex and multi-activity projects such as this are better done in adjoining areas (e.g., provinces) to ensure implementation efficiency and more uniformity of issues being addressed. Second, continuing stakeholder training is important to implementation success. Third, there is a need to pay closer attention to accurate cost estimates and provisioning for price inflation in Viet Nam. Work delays under the project were associated with price increases and compounded by unfamiliarity with procurement regulations of both ADB and the government. Fourth, more attention is needed to monitoring outcomes. Given ADB’s results-based approach to project management, outcome monitoring would have been a priority. Fifth, future projects should consider investment size that takes into account the limited capacity of the central and local governments to cover required recurrent expenditures and the need of the projects to use appropriate technology with manageable cost implications. This validation considers these lessons to be appropriate.

This validation would like to suggest an additional lesson on the importance of establishing a baseline data at an early stage of project implementation, or during project preparation, to enable the accurate evaluation of the project’s results. This is a recurring issue that warrants serious attention.

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