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Viet Nam: Preventive Health System Support Project

sector: Health | country: Viet Nam, Socialist Republic of

The project completion report (PCR) identified the following three lessons: (i) ADB has to take into consideration the local governments’ fiscal capacity to upgrade provincial preventive medicine centers (PPMCs), (ii) adopt a phased approach for projects with such large project coverage, and (iii) use market-based rates for consultants’ remuneration and realistic training allowance. This validation agrees with these lessons.

This validation would like to add the following lessons. First, the importance of a strong and well-functioning project management unit (PMU), with a full-time and qualified project coordinator, is paramount. Second, the project’s quality-at-entry can often be assessed through the project design and monitoring framework (DMF). A good project DMF should be self-explanatory and formulated as a real and understandable tool for project implementation and project monitoring by the executing agency, particularly by the PMU staff.

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