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Viet Nam: Support for the Implementation of the Poverty Reduction Program III

sector: Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Development, Education, Finance, Health, Public Sector Management | country: Viet Nam, Socialist Republic of

The Independent Evaluation Department (IED) agrees with the lessons identified from the formulation and implementation of the program:

(a) a reform program formulated through the Poverty Reduction Support Credit (PRSC) process is likely to enjoy strong government ownership and be successfully implemented;

(b) the large number of development agencies participating in the PRSC process in Viet Nam enables ADB to promote, with relatively small amounts of financing, a broad range of policy reforms that are needed for achieving the objective of its country strategy and program (CSP);

(c) the staff time required for ADB to participate in the PRSC process can be reduced or rationalized by focusing on policy actions that are particularly relevant to ADB’s operations in Viet Nam and by avoiding duplication of the World Bank’s work on social and environmental safeguards;

(d) a program to be implemented over a short period should not have outcome performance targets that require complex economic, legal, and institutional reforms; and

(e) having a separate PRSC coordination unit (with full-time staff) at the State Bank of Viet Nam and PRSC focal points at other relevant government agencies is a more effective implementation arrangement for the PRSC process on the Government’s side than utilizing a PRSC secretariat that comprises senior government officials but lacks full-time staff.

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