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Xi’an Urban Transport Project

sector: Transport | country: China, People’s Republic of

For the third ring road (TRR), there were several variations caused by design changes or differences between the engineering designs and actual field conditions, which included (i) addition of a pump station to the subgrade package due to an exceptional design change, (ii) rapid expansion of the urban areas, (iii) inaccurate preliminary design and engineering designs, (iv) emerging urban infrastructure demands during project construction. A more accurate detailed design based on a well-coordinated inter-agency strategy would have helped to avoid unexpected variations as well as increased resettlement costs. Better preparation and coordination would have been of great value to the design of interchanges, grade separations, pedestrian bridges, and traffic safety measures along the TRR and its connector roads.

The project consisted of several components implemented or administered by various agencies. Xi’an Municipal Urban and Rural Construction Commission (XMURCC), Xi’an Third Ring Road Construction and Development Company (XTRRCDC), and the government offices concerned made enormous efforts in coordinating and harmonizing project implementation activities, particularly in obtaining necessary government clearances during procurement and operation. A streamlined institutional arrangement will ensure a solid foundation for smooth project implementation. Further, complicated domestic processing requirements related to equipment procurement it took a long time to obtain domestic clearances from the agencies involved before submission to ADB for review and approval caused delays. The government needs to simplify cumbersome domestic procedures to speed up project implementation.

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